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 Keefe Lake
 Kyle Newborn
 Kyle around a month
 Kyle about 2 months
 2008 Christmas
 Kyle about 3 to 5 months
 Kyle about 5 months
 Kyle 5 months baptism from Andrea
 Kyle 5 months baptism from Papa
 New parents awaiting assemble the crib
 Baby Shower in Austin
 Baby Shower MN and WI friends
 WI family shower
 Trip to Canada
 Papa pics from Kyle birth and Dean visit WI Sept 08
 Deans first birthday
 Julie visits Ellen in Denver
 More of Julie in Denver
 Doug and Sharon wedding
 Fishing Algoma
 Misc friend outing pictures
 Hockey sized hail hits our house
 Julie day and spring pictures
 Miles first ice fishing and misc pictures
 All other misc pictures
 Becky graduation and Niagra Falls
 Palomas Baptism
 Star Wars exhibit
 Water Park WI Dells