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 Chris and Amy's Wedding Pictures and Makinac Island trip
 2003 travels to Austin, Tx for Grandpa's 90th bday.
 Bill and Julie's trip to Cozumel, Mexico
 Bill's fishing trips to Lake Michigan
 Halloween 2003 at the Seputis's
 Pictures from Julie's 30th Bday
 Julie's trip to LA, Calif.
 Julie travles with family to Las Vegas 2003
 Misc. pictures from 2003 (Doug moves to FL)
 Thanksgiving in San Francisco 2003 pictures
 Icefishing and winter house project
 Hanging out with our friends the Oldhams at the Minnesota transportation museum
 Bill's work group goes to a Minnesota Twins game.
 Julie's snow village 2002
 New Years eve. 2003/2004 (lobster fest #1)