Julies 30th Bday

Lily at Morales house

Lily at Morales house

Flower at Morales house

Lily at Morales house

Lily at Morales house



Ida's kids at Morales house

Ida's kids at Morales house

Jurkowski family

Jurkowski family

Fito, Rachel, Julie, Mom, Dre, Becky

Fito - on the way to Julie's party

Surprise!!! Julie and Paula Spahr

Julie's 30th at Henderson place

Izach's so cute!

Julie's friends from work

How fun!

The Birthday Girl

She's thrilled with the surprise

That's a lot of candles

These are 30 yr old lungs?

The beautiful cake!

Nate, Pam, Ron, Julie, Amy, Sara, Carl

Julie opening gifts

Watching Julie

Paula made a brag book

Family group shot - where's Joan?

Another group shot

Joan's back

Yeah, Mary came too!

Ranae, Joan, and Mary

Dave & Jackie meet the pigs

Bud giving the tour, Fito looks on

John, Bud, and Fito

Rachel and Joan at the farm

Hog Farm, outside pens

Jackie drives the tractor

Dad and the tractor

Happy Sisters, Andrea and Julie

John, Bud, Ranae, Rachel, Fito, Mom

Bud, John, Becky, Mary

Mary and Julie

Julie's family

with Mary

Dre, Julie, Mom, Becky at Taylors Falls

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe

Birthday Cake #2!!!

Julie & Mary

Wide eyed girls

One more time

Bill, Julie, & Mary

Bill, Julie, & Mary

Silly faces

Stairway pose

Fito, Dre, Rachel, Mom, Dad, John, Becky, Dave, Bill, Jackie, Julie


with Mary

Bridge at Univ. of MN campus

View of Minneapolis

Dave & Bill on the St. Croix

Mom and Dad on the boat

Jackie and Julie

Jackie and Julie

Dad and Dave

Dave jumps in

Nice swim

Dave swimming


To the buoy

Dave and the buoy

Pull ups

Dad feels the wind

Mom and Jackie in the wind

Chasing the hot air balloon

Target practice

Clay shooting

Molly stay!

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