Julie at Mary's in LA

Turtles in Santa Barbara Gardens

Santa Barbara turtle in the sun

Mary at the gardens in Santa Barbara

Danger the trail is closed!

What a view

More of the Santa Barbara gardens

Flowers in Santa Barbara

Flowers in Santa Barbara

Another beautiful view


Whale watching off Santa Barbara

Cool wake

Ocean spray

Sailing fun

Whale tail!

Where'd the whale go?

Those dots are all dolphins!

More dolphins

Close up dolphins

More close up dolphins

Too bright!

Can't I get one good picture?

Yeah, out of water dolphins

Zoom in for a better look


Can't believe I took so many...

Close up dolphins

Swimming dolphins

Finally a head

Tranquil view of Santa Barbara

View of Santa Barbara

Sail boats and palm trees

Sail boats and palm trees

Santa Barbara Pier

Julie & Mary return from the sea


Our whale watching boat

Nice catamaran

Santa Barbara Court House


Julie & Mary at Tangerine's lot


Mary and Jane - Tangerine's lot

Mary & Anne Oldham - MN Transportation museum

Anne, Emily, and Mark Oldham

Mary on the train

Emily and Anne enjoying the train ride

Hi from Mary!

Amy and the train car

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