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 Ice fishing on Red Lake 2004
 Julie travels to the UK for work 2004
 Easter at Hendersons
 Julie S and Elaina's 2004 Birthday party
 Vacation in Grand Cayman
 Bill and Carl at Rainy Lake
 Julie S and Elaina's 2004 Birthday party
 Dad buys a Model A Car
 Julie 30th birthday
 Joan retires
 Julie in LA and Andrea LA shower
 Julie and Mary visit Lake Tahoe
 Pam and Nates wedding
 Misc pictures
 Andreas Austin Shower
 Andreas prewedding grounds pictures
 Andreas wedding pictures
 A J Wedding from Eddies Camera
 MRisa and Mikes Wedding
 Maria and Erics Wedding
 Visiting Tanmay and Payal
 Travel to Sydney Australia
 Travel to Cairns Australia
 Travel to New Zealand
 Weekend in LA, Calif
 Christmas 2004
 2005 New Year