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 Julie visits Andrea and Jonathan in AZ
 Lake Michigan adventures, Doug visits, Mom and Dad 40th anniversary
 Julie visits LA in May
 2005 fishing trip to Canada and little boat pics
 Henderson Seputis trip to Lake Michigan
 Chuck and Lauras wedding
 Thonet grandparents 60th wedding aniversary
 Jonathan and Andrea visit us on Lake Michigan
 Julie Bday in Wi Dells
 Miles pictures
 Misc pictures
 more Misc pics
 Bill and Julie fish Rainy Lake
 Ice fishing on Red Lake
 Visit Jackie and Dave in Vermont
 Texas A&M homecoming
 Visiting John and Kathi
 Thanksgiving in Austin
 Mrisa and Dre Rehearsal Dinner
 Eddies camera Tiffanys Wedding Phoenix Trip July
 Eddies camera Joans Reunion NJ Vermont
 Jonathans camera A J Ketchams hiking in Grand Canyon
 grandma funeral