Arizona Christmas and New Year

Along the Apache Trail 1

Along the Apache Trail 2

Along the Apache Trail 3

Along the Apache Trail 4

Along the Apache Trail 5

Along the Apache Trail 6

Along the Apache Trail 12

Along the Apache Trail 7

Along the Apache Trail 8

Along the Apache Trail 9

Along the Apache Trail 10

Along the Apache Trail 11

Apache Trail 1

Apache Trail 3

Apache Trail 4

Apache Trail 5

Apache Trail 6

Apache Trail 7

Apache Trail 8

Apache Trail 9

Apache Trail 10

Apache Trail 11

Apache Trail 13

Apache Trail 14

Apache Trail 15

Yep Julie loves Palm trees

Apache Trail 16

Apache Trail 17

Apache Trail 18

Apache Trail 19

Apache Trail 20

Apache Trail 21

Apache Trail 22

Apache Trail 23

Apache Trail 24

Apache Trail 25

Apache Trail 26

Apache Trail 27

Apache Trail 28

Apache Trail 29

Apache Trail 30

Apache Trail 31

Apache Trail 2

Becky Joan Bill 1

Becky Joan Bill 2

Bighorn Sheep 1

Bighorn Sheep 2

Bighorn Sheep 3

Bighorn Sheep 4

Bighorn Sheep 5

Bill 1

Bill 2

Bill and John resting by the pool

Bill and Julie across from Tortilla Flat 1

Bill and Julie across from Tortilla Flat 2

Bill and Julie at Desert museum

Bill and Julie at Phoenix Botanical Gardens 1

Bill and Julie at Phoenix Botanical Gardens 2

Bill and Maisy

Bill Ed John

Bill Julie Maisy

Bill Steph John Dre Hannah Becky Kathi

Bridge by Roosevelt Dam 1

Bridge by Roosevelt Dam 2

Bridge by Roosevelt Dam

Christmas Eve service 1

Christmas Eve service 2

Dad and Maisy 2

Dad and Maisy

Desert museum

Dre and Jonathan emptying their stockings

Dre Julie Bill Joan Ed

Dre with Dean inside and Jonathan

Ed and Joan at Pinnacle Peak2

Ed and Joan at Pinnacle Peak 1

Falcons 1

Falcons 2

Falcons 3

Falcons 4

Falcons 5

Falcons 6

Falcons 7

Falcons 8

Falcons at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Field of cactus at desert museum 1

Field of cactus at desert museum 2

Field of cactus at desert museum 3

Flying falcon

Hannah and Julie 1

Hannah and Julie 2

Hummingbird at Pinnacle Peak 1

Hummingbird at Pinnacle Peak 2

Hummingbird at Pinnacle Peak 3

Hummingbird at Pinnacle Peak 4

Hummingbird house 1

Hummingbird house 2

Hummingbird house 3












Inside the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Jonathan Dre and Dean inside at Phoenix Botanical Gardens

Jonathan Dre Bill Joan Ed

Julie and Bill 1

Julie and Bill 2

Julie and Bill 3

Julie and Bill at Pinnacle Peak

Julie Steph John Dre Hannah Becky Kathi

Kathi Emily and Joan stuffing the cushion

Kathi Jonathan Dre

Kathi Julie Bill Steph Maisy Dre John Hannah Becky

Lake along Apache trail 2

Lake along Apache trail

Lake by Roosevelt Dam 1

Lake by Roosevelt Dam 2

Lake by Roosevelt Dam 3

Maisy Dad and Mom

Mountain lion 1

Mountain lion 2

Mountain lion 3

Mountain lion 4

Mountain Lion at the desert museum

Mountain Lion looking at us

My Maisy

Nice cushion cover Joan

Otter 1

Otter 2

Pinnacle Peak 1

Pinnacle Peak 2

Pinnacle Peak 3

Pinnacle Peak Park 1

Pinnacle Peak Park 2

Pinnacle Peak Park 3

Pinnacle Peak Park 4

Pinnacle Peak Park 5

Roosevelt Dam

Saguaro Cactus at Phoenix Botanical Gardens

Scenes along the Apache Trail

Silhouette at Pinnacle Peak

Sunset at desert museum 1

Sunset at desert museum 2

Sunset at desert museum 3

Sunset at desert museum 4

Sunset at desert museum 5

Sunset at desert museum 6

Sunset at desert museum 7

Taking a snooze

The Crazy Christmas House 1

The Crazy Christmas House 2

The Crazy Christmas House 3

The Crazy Christmas House 4

The Crazy Christmas House 5

The Crazy Christmas House 6

The Crazy Christmas House 7

The Crazy Christmas House 8

The Crazy Christmas House 9

Tortilla flat for lunch

View in desert museum

Wild pigs at the desert museum

Wild pigs

Wolf at the desert museum

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